We had an amazing honeymoon.  I am so thankful that God worked it out so that we were able to spend three weeks exploring South East Asia together and so thankful to have a wife that wanted to forego the typical honeymoon destinations.  Because of this and the fact that our plane ticket will soon be re-embursed by our Korean Schools, we were able to enjoy three comfortable weeks of adventure travel for the price of roughly one week of resort destination travel!  Here are our top ten favorite Things we did on our honeymoon and some pictures to go along with them.

10. Going to day and Night Markets in Cambodia and Thailand

9. Exploring the Floating Market

7. Relaxing on the beach

6. Going to the Snake Show in Thailand

5. Snorkelling in Koh Chang

4. Petting and walking with Tigers

3. Bathing elephants and trekking through the Jungles of Koh Chang on them

2. Exploring the Ancient Temples of Angkor Wat

1. Growing Closer to each other and while enjoying God’s creation and different cultures/adventures

Some other Favorites that didn’t make the list are:

11. Having delicious fresh fruit shakes every meal

12. Mopedding around Koh Chang and Exploring The Beautiful Water Falls in Koh Chang

13. Seeing the Bridge Over the River Kwai in person

14. Riding a Tuk Tuk


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