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Welcome to the The Adventurers Affiliate Program! It’s easy and fun to join!

Some of you may not be familiar with affiliates, so we will explain what it’s already about. If you already know what they are and are ready to sign up to start re-selling the products, join the Affiliate Program Now! After you create an account, register, and confirm on that site, you will be ready to get the code and go.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows people to offer our products for sale (like our eBook for example) and receive a commission. The more people you point to the products, the more money you make. It does not cost you anything at all; nor does it cost the customer any more money. You don’t have to maintain inventory or any of that nonsense.

I get 25% for just linking to your products?

Yes. There are a lot of products out there for photographers to buy, and we believe that quality is very important. If you believe in these as much as we do, then we are happy to share with you. The flow of information has a value, and we are happy to partner with you on this.

For example, if over a month, people click on your links and end up buying $3,000 worth of products, you will get $600. It’s just that simple.

Are you sure it doesn’t cost me any money?

Yes. It costs no money up front for you to join the affiliate program. You don’t have to maintain any inventory, do any shipping, or anything. We take care of all that. It is a very simple relationship where you send us interested customers and, if they buy, we give you 25% of the sale.

How does it work?

Here are the simple steps:

1) Register for the Affiliate Program.

2) Enter the Affiliate Admin area to get your own HTML code with your Affiliate ID.

3) Put that HTML code on your blog or website, put it in emails, or give the special URL to people that may be interested.

4) The customer purchases a product, and that purchase is tied to your Affiliate ID. You get 25% of every sale.

5) You will be automatically paid quarterly into your Paypal account.

What is E-Junkie and what do they have to do with

E-Junkie is a great company that automatically manages both the product sales AND the affiliate program. They have a sophisticated back end that will keep track of your affiliate ID, your sales, your contact information, and the like. The team here at can look at E-Junkie to check on sales from all the affiliates and keep track of things.

I’m still confused! Can you show me exactly what I do?

Sure! Here are some screenshots that show you the steps in detail.

1) Register for the Affiliate Program.

  • You will notice you are on the E-Junkie Webpage. E-Junkie manages our affiliate program.
  • Enter your Registration information. This will become your login later

2) Check your email and get your Activation Code.

  • Enter your Activation Code in the blank and click Submit.
  • Now you are registered! See that was easy.

3) Take a look at your Affiliate Admin page and get to know it.

  • This will be your home base where you can do anything you need.
  • You can get back to this any time after logging in by clicking on “Affiliate Admin” at the top

4) Click Edit Profile information with your PayPal so we can pay you!

  • Fill in the information on this page with your PayPal so you can be paid on a regular basis

5) Click Get Affiliate Code from the Affiliate Admin

E-junkie (Affiliates) - You are now logged in-2

6) Now, you have a choice. When people click on your link, they will either go to a “General Landing Page” that includes all the products, or you can send them to a specific product. On this page, you can get whichever code you like.

E-junkie (Affiliates) - Admin

7) After choosing, copy the code that appears in the yellow box

  • This is the code that will link to the product webpage and embed your Affiliate ID.
  • All sales that come to the website via your link will be credited to you

8) Paste that code on your website, blog, email, or wherever you like! The most critical part of the code is the URL, such as the example one that follows:

  • Whenever people click on that link and purchase the product, you will receive 25% of the sale
  • Check on your earnings report to see how well you are doing!

How do I check my earnings?

After logging in the Affiliates Admin, click View/Download Earning Report. It will give you all the details of people that have followed your links to purchase a product.

What if the customer returns a product?

This is not very likely to happen, since we have only had one return in two years of business! But, if they do return the product, you will lose the 25% commission. All of this will be automatically handled by the software.

Can I take the link and just SPAM the world to make money?


What if I still have questions?

No problem! Just contact and we’ll get you set up.

Do you have a nice looking image I can use to help you sell this eBook?

Sure.  Just upload this to your site.