Thank you for checking out The Adventure Continues website.  We hope you will find our blog posts and videos helpful and entertaining and our pictures inspiring.  We have been working for the last two years as English teachers in Korea and saving up for a trip of a lifetime!  In September 2011 we will head out on a 6-12 month around the world trip where we will plan to visit over 20 countries across 5 continents.

We have been working on relationships and connections with many volunteer organizations to help others and give back to the people and cultures we will travel to and are really excited about that.  We have also been saving diligently as well as working side jobs and project to make additional income via Graphic and Web Design as well as through our Coming to Korea eBook.

We have set a travel budget of $60 a day wich will cover our housing, food and transportation, but we will go over budget with some experiences we’d love to have and some of the transport costs.  If you find our site helpful and our adventure inspiring, please consider partnering with us in the following ways.

Help Us Volunteer More

We are planning to volunteer at least three months of our time during this year long trip. As we have researched what organizations to go with, we have found that the ones that are the most reputable charge a fair amount for volunteering. This is to make sure that the expenses they incur from us being there are not taken out of the budget for the very people we are there to help. Any money you contribute, unless otherwise specified, will be put towards fees only related to our volunteering. Any support you can offer would mean so much to us and we would not forget it. As a thank you for those that support us, will be posting a picture of the person or people you allowed us to server on out trip along with your name as a sponsor at the bottom. Click below to to see the options available for donating to our volunteering budget.

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If you have a travel, photography or video related business and think our audience would be a good fit we’d love to discuss the opportunity to partner together to help get your brand more exposure. We plan on keeping this blog the rest of our lives as a sort of online journal of our adventures together. As a bonus for sponsoring us you will get a shout out in related blog post so you would get a long life of live linked content which is a valuable SEO bonus. For more information, or to start a partnership today, please contact us here.

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We are excited and honored to have a few international companies sponsoring us already already and we are hopeful more will be joining soon. If you would like to partner with us by donating gear, equipment, money, or tours, we would be glad to give you some exposure and write a couple blog posts about you and your company or product in return. We can only promise to give our honest opinions of your product, but we usually like what we see. If you want to partner together, please contact us here. To see our current sponsors, check out our sponsor page here.

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