Coming To Korea


This Guide will help you :

  • Understand the pros and cons of teaching English in Korea
  • Plan step by step how to apply for and get a job in Korea
  • Compare the two main teaching options in Korea so you can decide which one is right for you
  • See actual salary numbers, extra pay, bonuses, teaching schedules and more
  • Special Bonus Section: Add a trip to Southeast Asia or Japan without any visa issues on your way over to Korea.
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C o m i n g . T o . K o r e a

A Practical Guide For Getting An English Teaching Job In Korea & What To Expect
47 Page | 12,000 Word | 8MB PDF

Who are you and what do you know about Korea?

We are a young married couple who got married in the States and two days later, hopped on a plane for our honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia, followed by a flight to Korea to start our new lives together.  We have lived in Korea for more than a year and have really been enjoying it.  Before we came to Korea and even after we arrived, we had so many unanswered questions and unexpected surprises that we would have much preferred to know about beforehand.  We have also learned a lot of things about the culture, students, benefits, contracts, employment options and more, and we want to share them so you won’t have to face the same unknowns.  We have spent the last 12 months collecting information, getting our friends’ input, researching different options and studying our finances and benefits to put this book together.

Our goal is that after reading this guide, you will know, without a doubt, if Korea is the place you want live and teach or not.

One year is a big commitment, especially if it turns out to be something you weren’t expecting… in a bad way.  We have talked to and heard of many teachers leaving as soon as they could save the money for a flight home.  We don’t want that to happen to you.

Introducing Coming To Korea. Your personal guide to help you get a job in Korea and make sure you know what to expect.


We haven’t held anything back in this guide.  We share facts, personal experiences and stories from our time in Korea to help prepare you for your time here.  We’ve put literally everything we have learned over the past 14 months into this guide to help you know what you are getting into and make sure you make an informed decision.

A Few of the Topics We’ll Cover:

  • The Pros of Teaching in Korea
    • Full Salary Disclosure  and Breakdown
    • Pay Scale Chart and Qualification requirements
    • Vacation Schedule Breakdown
    • Typical Work Week Schedule and Teaching Schedule
    • Activities and Food Options Available
  • The Cons of Teaching in Korea
    • What to expect/prepare for in the Classroom
    • Cultural differences and how they can affect you
  • Advice – 5 Helpful Tips For adjusting to and enjoying Korea
    • Step by step guide to finding, applying, interviewing and getting a job in Korea
    • Contract Comparison Chart- Public School Vs. Hagwon (Private Academy)
    • Actual Public School Contract for you to read
    • Actual Hagwon Contract for you to read
  • Tips and Tricks
    • 3 Tips and tricks to help you save money and avoid hassles while living abroad
  • Recommended Packing List For Korea
    • Checklist of things that are hard/impossible to find or are much more expensive in Korea
  • Resources
    • Links to Korean online shopping, information and helpful/fun blogs
    • Books we read and recommend
  • Bonus Section
    • How to get a flight to Cambodia & Thailand for only $300 extra when coming to Korea and still get your Korean Work visa on time.

What you get when you buy the Coming To Korea Package:

  • A detailed 47 Page guide on how to get a job in Korea and what to expect.
  • Sample Public School Contract
  • Sample Hagwon Contract
  • Us.  That’s right you get three months of free personal support from us.  Have a question about something covered in the book? Need recommendations for what cities to teach in? We are here to help answer your questions or find someone who can.

In short, Coming to Korea is a great product, priced well below market value. We are proud to have our name on it, and we know it will help a lot of people. To make it even more fun, we decided to create the best possible guarantee we could think of. Here’s everything you need to know about the surprisingly low cost and the iron-clad guarantee.

What Others Are Saying

“Thanks so much for compiling such a helpful e-book. It was a good purchase –so many of my questions were answered.”

Claire G. – potential future teacher In Korea 2011

“This is an extremely valuable resource to have with you when you begin your adventure in Korea. The information comes directly from people who have gone through every experience you are about to embark on and will help guide you through it.”

Jason – current teacher with over 10 years of teaching in Korea

“I really really enjoyed reading it. I think that it was so amazingly honest that it was a little frightening! I wish I had something like this to read before I arrived!!”

Gene – current four year teacher in Korea

“I thought the eBook was really, really helpful. It was realistic, which I really appreciated. A lot of the things that were mentioned would be somewhat of a nasty surprise, so it’s good that you included them to make potential teachers aware.”

Kelsey H. – potential future teacher In Korea

Very Simple Pricing

I think you’ll be happy with the price of this guide. We spent countless hours of researching, questioning and interviewing teachers from all across Korea and have learned a lot in the process.  We have put everything we have learned (and things we would have found helpful) into this guide so you don’t have to spend your time figuring it out on your own.  To get your own copy, keep reading until you get to the “Add To Cart” button below.

The Amazing Guarantee

See, it’s very simple: we want our products to actually be helpful. We honestly believe that this guide is much more valuable than the price we are asking, but we want to help as many people as we can, so we have set the price as low as possible so more people can benefit.  We don’t know how to make it any simpler than that.

Ready to order?

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Questions and Answers:


Do you give real, honest expectations, or do you sugar coat things to make Teaching English in Korea seem like the perfect job for everyone?

WE GUARANTEE NO SUGAR COATING. We tell you exactly what to expect, issues we’ve seen, frustrations others have experienced and always truthful information, not what the recruiter may want you to hear.


I have taught in America/Canada/Europe.  Are the students and classroom behavior standards similar?

In a word, NO! This was one of our biggest surprises when we came to Korea.  Find out exactly what we mean, and read some examples of classroom behavior in the guide.


I did a google search and found recruiters and jobs very easily.  Why do I need your book to help me find a recruiter?

We have talked to many teachers here and have heard some great stories and some horror stories about recruiting companies and the schools they set teachers up with.  We share a list of the best recruiting companies to go with so you can avoid scams.


I just looked up plane tickets to Korea and they cost about $1000 per one way ticket!  How can I get more for my money?

We will explain how to get a tip to Japan or South East Asia on your way to Korea for only about $300 more per ticket as well as how to get your Korean work visa two weeks before your start date, while having three weeks or more to spend traveling before arrival.


I have no idea what to bring to Korea.  Do they have normal everyday things like I can get at any supermarket here?

For the most part, you can usually get anything you need in Korea, but there are a few items that are almost impossible to find here, or are so much more expensive that they are just better to bring from home.  We’ll give you a checklist of these items in the book.


I have no idea what I need to be prepared for and what I will need to do in order to go through the application process.  Can this book help?

We go through the application process step by step, and we will give you an overview of what documents and papers you may need.

I have heard that there are two options for teaching, but it is easier to get into a private academy (hagwon) and they pay more.  Which is better, Hagwon or Public School?

We will give you our opinion, but also the facts.  You get an easy to read comparison chart with some of the finer points of the typical Hagwon and Public School contract requirements and benefits.  We have also included actual Public School and Hagwon contracts for you to read for yourself and figure out what’s best for you.

What if I still have some questions after reading the guide?  How can I get answers?

By purchasing this guide, you are also getting three months of consulting from us.  Have a question about one of the contracts you read?  Need some more information on a topic covered in the guide?  Send us an email and we’ll be glad to provide an answer or find someone who can.

Are you serious about the guarantee?

Yes, buy the guide, read it and if you don’t feel like it has saved you at least 15 hours of online research or it would not help you avoid or anticipate at least five unpleasant surprises when coming to Korea, then let us know and we’ll buy it back from you.  We want this to be helpful and worth your hard earned money.

Ready to learn about Coming to Korea?

Buy it Now For Only $14.97

Special Introductory Price $9.97

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More Info

Still not sure this ebook is worth it? Have more questions before making the plunge? Feel free to contact us here with any questions. Talk to you soon.

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