The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is located about 70 miles from Bangkok and is well worth a day trip.  We decided to go on a three part day trip to see the floating market, the Bridge Over the River Kwai and the Tiger Temple.  The floating market is really cool to experience as it gives you a glimpse of what life in Asia may have been like a long time ago with the vibrant colors, strong smells and the ongoing sounds and chaos that make the market a unique floating experience.

We spent about and hour exploring the market and really enjoyed it.  We highly recommend the boat ride purchase if you go as it really let’s you experience the market first hand and since it is a floating market, is the only real way to explore it for what it is.  One of Griffin’s highlights was trying fried bananas for the first time!  They were so good!  Later, when editing pictures he realized he had taken a photo of the same banana seller he photographed when visiting there in 2007.

Sometimes it is easy to think that the people we see while traveling may be there for a couple years until they get a new  job or decide to move as we so often do in America, but the more likely case is that the people at the floating market may have been doing that same job since they were young and will continue to do that job until they die.  As Americans we take so much for granted.  I ask you to take a moment to reflect on the things you have started to take for granted and remind yourself how lucky you are and to thank God for your blessings.

Below are some of our favorite pictures from the market.  You can see the “Banana Lady” picture taken in 2009.  To see the picture from 2007, click here.  To see more pictures from the floating market and our visit to Thailand, click here.

If you get the chance to visit Thailand, we recommend a visit to the floating market.  We also recommend going with the expectation that it will be mostly very touristy and not traditional and then what little tradition is there to be seen will be appreciated.  Enjoy the tour;-)

Valerie and I took a day trip the floating market in Thailand and rented a boat to fully explore and experience this market that has existed for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years.

Click on a picture to zoom in. Also you can use your up, down, left and right arrow keys to move around the pictures. Enjoy.


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