As of this post, there are exactly, 145 days until we leave Korea. Not that we’re counting.

So, after spending some time talking about where we’d like to work next, we decided that we’d like to work… well, nowhere. At least nowhere in one place. We’re going to travel… and work around the world.

We’ve been planning and saving for about 6 months now, and while we don’t know our exact route yet, we do know one thing for sure, we want to serve as many people as possible along the way.

There are so many organizations around the world that need volunteers. From orphanages, to special needs camps, to family support centers. We’re excited to see who we can meet and how we can impact their lives.

As we’ve researched different organizations, we’re found one important thing. Volunteering isn’t free. At least not for organizations that are doing the most good. We’ve found that if an organization allows you to come stay there and volunteer for free, it usually means that you’re taking money away from the people you’re trying to help. So, in an effort to benefit instead of hinder, we’ll be paying for volunteer unless we hear of a reputable organization that doesn’t require it..

Now we have a question for you:

If you could help people around the world, would you?

For the last two years, our website has informed you of our lives in Korea and our travels. We’ve called our site, “The Adventure Continues.” As of today, we are changing the name, to “Join the Adventure.”

Here is your chance to help us help others.

We will be establishing an account to be used solely for volunteering and giving. We have already contributed about $2,000 to this account that is beyond our regular tithes. We are asking for your help so we can help more people in more places. While we cannot establish a tax exempt status for ourselves, we would love it if all of our friends and family would get involved and donate to these world-wide causes.

We will be putting every dollar received towards volunteering and let you know how your money is being used. Each donor of $15 or more will receive photos of the people you are helping and a certificate showing which organization benefitted from your donation. You will also receive a personal Thank You from us as well as mention on our website.

So, how will you answer the question? Are you ready to Join the Adventure?