Here is a video we took while we were in Korea.  It is of a park that was about 10 minutes drive from our house and right on the ocean.  we really enjoyed visiting the park during our time in Ulsan and would recommend checking it out if you are in the area.  There is a legend about the rock with you can read about in the video and also below the video if needed.  Also, be sure to check out the pictures below the video.  Hope you enjoy!

If you can’t see the video, click here to view online.

Dae-Wang Am

King Munmu, the 30th King of the Shilla Dynasty, achieved the unification of the countries of the Korean peninsula in AD 688. The King used to express his desire to become a dragon after his death to protect his kingdom from enemies. When the king died he was buried under a great rock in the East Sea in accordance with his will and transformed into the guardian dragon of the kingdom. People, therefore, call the rock ‘Dae-Wang Am’ meaning ‘The Rock of the Great King’.  It is located in Gyongju, South Korea. Meanwhile, the spirit of the Queen also became a guardian dragon of the kingdom after she died since she could not forget her husband’s noble will. Later the dragon flew to Ulsan and submerged herself under this rock to protect the East Sea. People also began to call this rock ‘Dae-Wang Am’ and it is said that seaweed does not grow around this rock because of the dragon.

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Dae-Wang Am After a Storm

Dae-Wang Am At Sunset

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