Many of you may have read our post How We Get To Work when first got here and have seen the video.  Well since then we became a little tired of the bus system and have purchased a small 50cc scooter!  We use it to get to work everyday as long as it is not raining.  Griffin misses his peaceful walks to school, but enjoys being able to spend more time with Valerie in the morning and share the experience of riding together.  He drops her off at her school and then heads back to his school returning at the end of the day to pick her up and ride home together.

This save us a lot of time and also some money due to the fact that we do not have to spend $2.00 or more on buses everyday.  It costs us about $8 a week for gas and that includes going to get groceries and weekend rides to the beach or though the mountains.  If we had to do it again we would probably spring for the 100-125cc scooter as we are unable to make long road trips on our bike.  For 50cc scooters in Korea no insurance and no tags are required, so that’s why we chose that option.

We took a video to share our new, much faster, commute and it was shot at the peak of the Cherry blossom season, so the streets are lined with beautiful trees in full bloom.  Enjoy!