We have been living abroad for about 8 months now and we have been finding some great resources for travel hacking.  What is travel hacking you ask?  Travel hacking is a popular term used to describe traveling and enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences for less cost or less effort.  For example about three months ago we were able to get a free round trip flight to Hong Kong added to our already planned flight to Japan due to a travel hack we discovered in Frequent Flyer Master!  Frequent Flyer Master is an e-book written by one of our favorite bloggers Chris Guillebeau.  Chris currently has over 1 million frequent flier miles which he is using to travel to every country in the world.  The best part is that he usually pays no more than a penny per mile and often gets as much or more than 50,000 for no additional cost regularly!

This book is packed with useful information on how to get free frequent flier miles, how to find the lowest fares, and planning for and purchasing round-the-world plane tickets.  Chris also guarantees that you will earn at least 25,000 air miles in the first 90 days or get an instant refund.  It’s the best ebook I’ve bought in terms of instant value both in knowledge and return on investment and has already saved us about $600!

Frequent Flyer Master

Frequent Flyer Master is a full e-book, a 20-minute audio, and a 4-page Priceline specific guide  on the art of hacking airline miles. Click for a full description.


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Here are some other products Chris Offers.  We have not tried them ourselves yet, but based on our experience with his blog and the Frequent Flyer Master product we feel they would be a great investment as well.

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Click the picture for a full description.

Please let us know what you think of these resources if you decide to get them.  We’d love to hear if your experiences with them are as good as ours.