Read to the end to see how we became famous in Korea;-)

We are now blue belts!!  This is the fifth level belt and means we only have another five to go to get a black belt!

You can check back every couple months to see our status update via the image bellow

Belt colors vary from gym to gym, and in our case these last few levels are increasingly difficult to attain.  Each level consists of mastering new kicks, punches and blocks, as well as a new “Poomsae,” which is a choreographed routine employing all the learned movements.  Since each level has it’s own poomsae, we are required to present each poomsae during the time of the belt test.  The more we learn, the more difficult it can be to remember each level’s specific poomsae.

Our instructor continues to impress us.  He is an excellent teacher and we are really enjoying our time with him.  We hope to progress rapidly through the levels and reach Black Belt sometime in the Fall.

We Are Famous!

Recently, our photos were placed on a large banner outside out gym to advertise our “Foreigner Class.”  It’s already getting a good response and our class size has grown from 4 to 8.

Here is how the banner making process went:

Monday: We mention to our instructor that we like the new banner outside (which is in all Korean) and that next time he makes a banner, if he would like, we can help him with some wording to advertise the foreigner class option.

Tuesday: When we walk into class our instructor asks us to stand in front of the wall so he can take a picture.  We think this is maybe for himself or his family or something so we are glad to oblige.  As an afterthought we ask what the pictures will be for and he tells us he will use them for a new banner!  As you will see in the picture, we were not at all ready for pictures much less pictures to go on a giant banner, but oh well.
Our instructor asks us to think of a good phrase to to put on the sign to encourage other foreigners to join.

Wednesday: Valerie and I had a last minute date night and went for dinner and a movie instead of Taekwondo.  We plan to recommend the phrase “Foreigner friendly classes available.” to our instructor the next day.

Thursday: We go to Taekwondo and mention our recommended phrase, but are not asked to write it down or anything.  We assume all is well.

Friday: The new banner is revealed!  We feel a a little responsible for the bad English on the banner, but of course we tell our instructor it is great.  The English on the banner reads as follows:

Foreigner Recruitment – (so far so good)

From foreigner practice timely evening 8:30 minute – (OK.  it gets the point gets across)

In order for “before the what to become the stately child, it will teach.” – (?)

Here’s the picture!

Our Taekwondo Gym with the banner proudly displayed;-)

Photo of Taekwondo instructor by Flickr user Diego Jose