In a previous post, we let you know 5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Finances & Start Living Your Dreams. Today, we’d like to let you know how we’re actually planning our dream trip around the world.

1. Researching

One of the things we have been doing a lot of is researching. Since we are planning to travel to a lot of countries and plane tickets will be our second biggest expense (Lodging is first), we want to make sure we don’t miss out on any of the sights or experiences in the countries we are visiting. We have found it most helpful to research two ways:


We have set up a Google document and have subscribed to other travel blogs. Anytime we see a helpful article about travel, packing, saving, making money on the road, etc., we paste the link into our document with a small description.


About once every two weeks, we sit down and spend some time organizing the information from those links into a more legible travel plan. We have main headings for each country we would like to visit, subheadings for each of the cities we’re interested in, and bullet points for each event, sight or unique experience we would like to check out there.

This has enabled us to gather and make use of a lot of travel information somewhat quickly and easily. We have been doing this for six months now and have a pretty exhaustive list.


Traveling is one of the things Valerie and I are both passionate about. We enjoy meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and sharing hope and joy with those we meet. Trying to figure out what countries we want to visit, and what to do while in those countries, has been a huge task, but by researching and collecting information on a daily basis, we have been able to do it rather easily.

What can you start doing today to move toward your passions and dreams?

Is there a website you can subscribe to that will help you learn more about your passion? Is there a related book you can read? Is there a way to practice and get better at what you may already be doing? Start doing one thing everyday to work toward your passion or goal. Once you start the momentum, you may be surprised at how quickly you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

We hope this list has helped encourage and motivate you to move with purpose toward your future and make deliberate steps today in order to help your dreams become realities.

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