So, Griffin and I are in the throws of planning our year long travel expedition. It’s not easy! There is SO much to consider when talking about long term travel.

Not only are you looking at cost effective transportation and lodging, but things like what to bring and, how much does it cost, and, the all important… HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH!?

We’ve already tried packing our stuff into our giant backpacks as a trial run. It’s amazing how much you can fit into those things, and yet, we’re overstuffed. Not to mention, we walked a few blocks around our neighborhood to test the weight and came back sweaty… in March.

The bottom line is that everyone considers these major issues, but there is one that many travelers forget: travel insurance.

A lot of people don’t realize that some other countries won’t accept your home country’s insurance, and some insurance policies don’t cover a thing once your feet leave the soil there. So, it’s always a good idea to check out some insurance policies that kick in WHEN you leave your country and are accepted all around the world. If you don’t, and something unexpected does happen, you will be paying a little more than you expect to see that Mona Lisa lady you’ve heard so much about.

So, if you’re thinking about some international travel, either long or short term, don’t forget to pack your travel insurance. It’s not even that heavy!