First of all we just want to say thanks so much for following along on the blog.  We put a lot of time and effort into our blog posts, videos and pictures and really enjoy sharing them with you.  We love to hear from you either via email or in the comments section below each post and it always makes our day to know you enjoyed a post, video or tip.  Thanks for being our biggest fans.  You make our time and effort worth while!

If you are new to the site, you might want to check out where we got the idea for the site name, or, perhaps, get to know us a little more by reading our about page.

Some of you have asked how you can more consistently/easily follow along and I wanted to share some different options we have available.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about any of these options or need clarification.

Option 1 – Check the site frequently:

This option is the most straight forward, but also probably the least efficient.  This just means you have to manually come and visit our site regularly by either typing in our address, or clicking on a bookmark or link.  Many people do use this method and we are not saying it is wrong, just maybe not the most efficient or convenient for some.  Sometimes when we are getting busy with life, or traveling, we may not post for a while and we would hate for you to come back again and again only to be disappointed that there is nothing new.  Because of this, we recommend using one of the other methods.

Option 2 – Subscribe Via Email

This is a great option and one that we use a lot for other sites we enjoy ourselves.  The way it works: you first submit your email address by clicking here.  You will then receive an email to confirm that you were the actual one who signed up and that you do in fact want to receive updates from us via email.  That’s it.  You can then just sit back and relax and from that day forward, anytime we update the blog, you will receive and email of our post which you can read/view to your heart’s content.  If we do not update for a while, then you do not get an email for a while.  It’s that simple.

Option 3 – Subscribe Via RSS

“RSWhat?!?” That is what most people say when I mention this option.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It’s basically like subscribing to a newspaper, but just in the online world instead of the physical world.  The way it works is in your browser there is an RSS symbol usually located in the right corner of the address bar.  This icon lets you know that the website you are viewing has a news feed you can subscribe to so you can get any and all updates.  Some more robust news sites even have multiple options like a sports only RSS feed or a technology only RSS feed etc.  When you click on the RSS icon your browser will either open a program for subscribing to that site, or you will be directed to a page where you can select different options.  Most people already have accounts that can accept RSS feeds either through a blogger account, Gmail account or other email services.  One of the most popular free RSS readers is Google Reader.  I use and love google reader and also sync it with some iPhone apps and a desktop applications so that all my blog reading is up to date wherever I check it.  This means that if I read an article on my iPhone and then later open Google Reader online or on my desktop, that article will be marked as read similar to how email works for most people.

Option 4 – Follow us on Twitter

We have set up our twitter account to let you know about any new blog posts, pictures, or videos that we post and also occasionally hop on to update you about travel tips, exciting current and future plans and helpful links and resources.  If any of these things sounds interesting and you have a twitter account or want to set one up for free to follow along, just click here.

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