One of the most incredible things we have experienced in Korea has been the 3 amazingly beautiful weeks of Cherry Blossom season.  Although a little later than usual, we watched as once-bare trees blossomed into pink and white clouds lining the streets of our city.  Though Ulsan was really beautiful, we were advised to go to a nearby city to experience their Cherry Blossom Festival.  So, we grabbed a bus with some friends and headed South to Jinhae (진해).

Upon entering the city, we were at a loss of words for how to describe the scenery.  As our bus winded through the streets toward the festival, we could look nowhere but outside, waiting to go explore this magical time and space.

Once off the bus, we located a crowd gathered in the middle of the main rotary and caught a fun Taekwondo exhibition of black belted children.  We were really envious!

Afterward, we met up with some other friends and headed up a nearby lookout mountain to check the view from the top.  The lookout was incredible and a site we will never forget.  We journeyed back down and spent some time just walking around the area to check out the other scenery.  For that day, Jinhae was host to many food vendors and souvenir stands, along with thousands of people who came to visit.

After a fun day with friends and having spent time praising God for His beautiful creation, we boarded the bus home.

We visited several other nearby cities and took in the Cherry Blossom sites in our own city as well, and we find that we always enjoy our experiences the most when we are able to experience it all with people we care about.

If you ever get the chance to visit Korea in the Spring, make sure to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae.

Here is a quick video with some of our experiences in Jinhae.  Enjoy!!