Last night we had a board breaking test for our upcoming Pink(not so excited about the color) belt test.  It was so much fun and invigorating.  We all passed and had a fun time doing it.  We even got to watch our Taekwondo master break 8 boards at one time, which was amazing!

Geek Info: I brought along my Canon 7D to take some video at 60 Frames Per Second, which is twice the normal speed of film(30FPS) I then used a program to slow it back down to 30FPS which creates the slow motion effect you can see bellow, and then put it all together in iMovie.  Enjoy!

To see our Taekwondo Master break 8 boards at once, check it out on our facebook page here.

If you want to see our Taekwondo class in “Fast Motion”(Time Lapse) check it out here.