It has been about three years since Griffin was last able to walk to work and/or use public transportation instead of having to have a car and he has missed it greatly.  Griffin really enjoys walking to work in the morning.  It gives him time to think, pray, relax, reflect and plan.  His school is about a twenty minute walk from our house and we are able to get anywhere we need to in the entire city by walking, taking the $0.75 bus, or a combination or the two which we love.

Valerie’s morning commute is a little different.  Since my school is a little too far away to walk, I take the bus the 4 or 5 stops to my school.  I find it hilarious every morning that the bus drivers are all intent on dislocating my arms and legs with their stop-on-a-dime and then peel-out driving techniques.  I equate the ride with the same leg maneuvers I would use to water ski.  I also ride the bus with about 20 of my students, who each wave feverishly and say “Hello” when they see me enter.  All city buses stop at my school, so it’s nice to be able to jump on the first bus that pulls up.  The total ride time is about 8 minutes.

Valerie and Griffin put together a quick video of our walk/rides to work so that you can see some of the sights and experiences that apart of our daily lives.  Hope you Enjoy!

Valerie’s Morning Commute from Valerie & Griffin Stewart on Vimeo.

A short video of Valerie’s walk and bus ride to work in Ulsan, South Korea. Actual travel time is about 10 minutes.

Griffin’s Walk to School from Valerie & Griffin Stewart on Vimeo.

A short video of how I get to work everyday. Actual travel time is about 20 minutes. I really enjoy walking to work everyday as it gives me time to relax, think , pray and prepare for my day.


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