We have been living in Korea for a little over a month now and thought it would be fun to write down our top ten things we love about Korea so far.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to use the comments field for any questions you may have.  We will be glad to respond.

10. Fun, one sided conversations with our landlord, who only speaks Korean at 90 mph

9. The pastor at our church, who speaks 4 languages and says he constantly confuses them

8. The beauty of the sun shining on rice fields in late afternoon.

7. Cheap and usually mysterious street food

6. Even something as boring as going to the grocery store is an adventure because nothing is written in a language we can read

5. Learning the Korean language from a private tutor, for Free!

4. No one starts a sentence with the words “In these economic times…”

3. Going on weekend hikes with Mr. Choi to get water from a mountain top spring

2.  Going on weekend adventures with Mr. Shin who is our unofficial Korean tour guide

1. The friendly, welcoming and amazingly generous people, especially our co-teachers and friends