Thanks to all our readers and friends, we got to spend a very fun and enjoyable weekend in Seoul this past week.  Because of your votes for our video, we made it into the top ten entrants for 10Magazine‘s Korea Awaits Video Contest!  Thanks again for your support.  We gathered along with the rest of the top ten entrants at Villa Sortino in Seoul for the announcement of the winners as well as some delicious Italian appetizers and wine.  After some mingle time, and a brief video interview, we settled in to watch all the finalists videos before the winners were announced. We placed seventh overall, which was a little disappointing, but when we saw what kind of video they were looking for in the grand prize winner, we didn’t feel so bad.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, the winning video was packed with creativity, an original soundtrack, some green screen magic and is very entertaining to watch. We are not saying that we thought the winning video was bad, just that it was not what we thought they would be looking for and not really the style we personally enjoy making.  Click here for the the top ten results.  Here is the winning video.  Enjoy!

And here is our video in case you missed it

The Consolation Prizes

When it comes to consolation prizes, 10 Magazine did not disappoint.  They sent us home happy with a package including:

  • ₩50,000 gift card to On The Border
  • ₩20,000 gift card to Caffe Bene
  • 2 Tickets to Miso: A Traditional Korean Musical worth ₩40,000 each

We went to On The Border that night and enjoyed some good Mexican food.  It was not quite as good as our favorite Mexican restaurant, but free Mexican food in Korea is always a welcome treat and we even had enough left over for lunch the next day.

After On The Border we headed over to catch the 8PM showing of Miso.  We had no idea what to expect, but were excited about the fun date night at no cost to us!  We were quickly blown away by the professionalism and beauty or this amazing performance.  The lighting was fantastic and the live music and coloful costumes all combined to leave us memorized for most of the show.  All we could do was sit there and enjoy the beauty as the plot unfolded before our eyes.  We were also glad that it was more of an instrumental musical than a vocal one and because of this the story relied more on acting and scene changes than speaking which we would have not understood.  This was a huge plus and the reason we would not hesitate to recomend the show to anyone who is looking for a great date night idea in Seoul.

During one of the performances, Valerie was picked out of the audience and brought up on stage to perform a balancing act with the cast.  She did an excellent job and even outperformed the Korean college student they had brought up to compete with her;-)   When the show finished there was a short time to meet and take pictures with the cast, but by the time we got our camera, the time had ended.  We think this may have been due to the world cup game being on, but are not sure if more time is normally allotted or not, so if you go, make sure to rush for the pictures afterward.

Valerie getting ready to balance the spinning wheel on stage at the performance of Miso.

Upon exiting the theater, we heard some chearing coming from down to the street and decided to walk over and investigate.  It turned out to be thousands of fans watching and cheering for the Korean Red Devils to beat Greece in the world cup.  The city had set up huge TVs in the square in front of City Hall for the event and the atmosphere was electrifying!  We joined in the fun for a while and then headed out a little early to beat the crowds.  This was definitely the most fun day we have had in Seoul and just want to again thank our family and friends and 10 Magazine for providing us with the opportunity.

More Information About Miso

For those interested, here are some pictures and more information about Miso.

A Miso poster with some of the cast from the show we saw.

A Poster with some of the cast we saw.

One of the scenes in the musical with some great drumming.

A Picture from their website of one of the drum scenes that was very enjoyable.

Another picture from their website. This one of a knife and sword dancing scene that was very fun to watch.

You can check out a plot summary from their website and more here.

NOTE: 10 Magazine, On The Border and Miso logo’s are all copyright their original owners and their depiction on this on this site in no way infers ownership to me.  All pictures of Miso provided by the Miso website.  No photography is allowed while viewing the production of Miso(I secretly took the one of Valerie with my iPhone before being caught, so maybe not as secretly as I had hopped;-)