We chose the title of this site, The Adventure Continues, based on our perspective of our marriage and the hope we have for our lives together.  As we were planning to get married, we were also planning to move halfway around the world to teach and live in South Korea.  Because Valerie and I love travel and adventure, and because marriage and living abroad are both new adventures for us(one for a year or two and the other for life) we decided to end this video of “Our Story” so far with the phrase “The Adventure Begins”

My brother-in-law, Daniel, put this video together for our wedding. It is about how we met, our first date, first kiss and the proposal. We showed this at the beginning of our wedding so all our guests could get to know a little more about us and our history together.  We are loving married life and are looking foreword to many more adventures together for the rest of our lives!!  Hope you enjoy!


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