Just wanted to share some very random things we have seen here so far that make Korea awesome!!!  These may be available/existing in other countries, but the first time we have seen them is in Korea, so they are on this list.  Enjoy!

The first couple videos a answers the question you may or may not have asked yourself:

Why Talk to People When You Can Use a Machine?

Watch to find out what it is!

Cool self pay and change machine that is small and apparently cheap enough for a small restaurant to buy.

The next couple videos are just new, cool or different ways to do things

Fastest hand dryer I have ever used in my life! Love it!

You’ll have to watch to find out;-)

Home Plus is the place we go most of the time to buy things for our house. It is four stories of food, clothing and household supplies. In this video we show you a commercial and some of the cool technology in use there.


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